A leading group that realizes a complete vertical integration without intermediaries

Our story began more than a half century ago, when a few people from Guissona (Lleida) and surroundings, new to stockbreeding, decided to set up the Cooperative Avícola de Guissona, which, over the years become bonÀrea Agrupa. It has been a long and exciting process that our President Mr. Jaume Alsina Calvet, lead from the beginning.

The dedicated of the 1950' s revolutionized the rural world: agricultural mechanization was the start of a migration of the rural population to the city, the promised land. These changes in the rural world opened the door to new opportunities for the prosperity.

That is how, despite our lack of expertise, we undertook a new adventure: farming, with only a few hundred chickens and pigs, but with inestimable courage and determination. Many people got involved in our project and all of them have been essential to making it possible. We share the satisfaction of having achieved our goals within a professional, and endearingly friendly environment.

The fact that we have created more than 6,000 jobs has been very important for our little town, Guissona.

We believe that our progress in the field of agricultural production, and specially livestock, is a result of us not only having faced difficulties, but of having taken advantage of the opportunities that arose during the development of farm activities, which led to our vertical integration moving forward towards the end consumer.

The complete cycle "from field to the table" is bonÀrea Agrupa's ongoing challenge. To achieve this, we carry out all the processes in the food chain: cereals, compound fodder, hatchery, breeding and fattening, slaughtering, cutting, filleting and meat processing.

We reach industrial clients, wholesalers, the hotel, restaurant, catering sector, large retailers and every sales channel. We also reach the end consumer through our own network of more than 550 "bonÀrea" stores.

Agropecuaria de Guissona S. Coop. Ltda., is the original cooperative of bonÀrea Agrupa. Nowadays, it is in charge of breeding and fattening activities at the farms of cooperative members, while Corporación Alimentaria Guissona, S.A., is engaged in industrial activities and marketing all the group's products, with slaughtering, cutting, processing and logistics all carried out at our foodstuff complex "La Closa" located in Guissona.

We work to meet the demands of more than 1,600,000 customers and we export our products to more than 60 countries. In 2020, our sales amounted to Euro 1,984 Mill.

Founded: 1959
Productive capacity: 1.602.887 T for the whole activity
Numbers of employees: 6.000
Export markets: European Union (UE-15), Rest European Union (UE-28), Rest of Europe, Canada, Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle east, Japan, South Korea, ASEAN - Association of the South-east Asian Nations, Hong Kong.
Brands: bonÀrea, bonmAscota, Arrullo, del Rebost, Khörmant
Certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, Serrano cured Ham (Cert:AJS-332/53), Iberian meat ham, shoulder and loin (Cert:IB-315/27)